Here are the numbers on the animals being tested on in UMass Amherst Labs. Right now the most up to date we have is 2005, but the rest is coming.

If you would like to see this information in its original format, which includes more information about the types of experiments being done on the animals, check out this URL:

USDA – APHIS Report – 2005

Dogs – 0
Cats- 0
Guinea Pigs- 4
Hamsters – 506
Rabbits- 18
Non-Human Primates- 13

Sheep- 54
Pigs- 36
Cow- 27
Opossum- 3
Leopard- 2
Porcupine- 1
Star Nose Mole- 4
Horse- 3
Goat- 40
Mongolian Gazelle- 4
Wolf- 4
Lemur- 145
Masked Shrew- 144
Redback Vole- 44
Deer Mouse- 183
Meadow Vole- 44
Short Tail Shrew- 381
Beaver- 31
Skunk- 33
Raccoon- 5
Bat- 20
Siberian Hamster- 84
Prairie Vole – 578
Gerbil- 53
Swamp Sparrow- 38

The 13 non-human primates being tested on at UMass AMherst in 2005 are reported as falling into category C of experimenting according to the USDA, “Animals upon which teaching, research, experiments or tests were conducted involving no pain, distress, or use of pain-relieving drugs.”. Self reported at least.

For the record, the group organizing against primate testing at UMass amherst is non-violent, above ground and legal, and not affiliated with any other group or organization.