Jerrold Meyer, like Melinda Novak, works at UMass Amherst and experiments on Rhesus Monkeys. Please take the time to send him an email asking him to stop these tests. We wrote up a sample email below that you can use, or write your own polite email.

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Jerrold Meyer’s  email is: jmeyer@psych.umass.edu


Please take just a little time to send an email to the scientists at UMass Amherst who are testing on Rhesus Monkeys, and urge them to stop.

For more information check out http://www.myspace.com/endtestingnow or http://www.endtestingnow.blogspot.com
We wrote up some sample emails if you want to take just a little time to help our campaign…. Or write your own polite emails to send.

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Melinda Novak’s email is: mnovak@psych.umass.edu (more…)

I’m back in Virginia for winterbreak, at least briefly. I was sleeping at my parent’s last night, in the upstairs living room. I know they have mice, I’d seen a couple in the basement. And I really like mice. So when I heard one in the kitchen I went to go look at it. And good thing I did, because apparently my parents put a glue trap on the kitchen counter (which wasn’t there earlier when I cooked dinner). I had seen a box of them on the counter and wrote a note on it about how using them was murder. BUt so this poor mouse was stuck in the glue. (more…)

Wachovia and HLS
Body: For Immediate Release
November 20, 2007

Animal Liberation Front Victorious in Campaign to End Support of Animal Abuser

Jerry Vlasak Nov. 10th Food For Thought Books

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Quote from Charles Mayo on vivisection:


“I abhor vivisection. It should at least be curbed. Better, it should be abolished. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery, that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty. The whole thing is evil.”

Morally wrong AND unuseful (more…)

There is a new book from AK Press by Bob Torres, Making A Killing: THe Political Economy of Animal Rights which seems like it is gonna be relevant to looking at the issue from a speciesism standpoint, and also in a broader sphere of ‘leftist’ politics. Says “contains key insights into the broad nature of domination, power, and hierarchy” also “explores intersections between human and animal oppressions in relation to the exploitative dynamics of capitalism” It comes out in Novemeber, I hope I have the time to read it.

Dunayer says that animal rights books garble their own message when their language communicates speciesism. She also criticizes the use of cutsey puns and cliches about animals, which make a serious matter a joking matter. She says that the act of treating animals and their plight not seriously is speciesist. (more…)