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Jerrold Meyer, like Melinda Novak, works at UMass Amherst and experiments on Rhesus Monkeys. Please take the time to send him an email asking him to stop these tests. We wrote up a sample email below that you can use, or write your own polite email.

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Jerrold Meyer’s  email is:


Please take just a little time to send an email to the scientists at UMass Amherst who are testing on Rhesus Monkeys, and urge them to stop.

For more information check out or
We wrote up some sample emails if you want to take just a little time to help our campaign…. Or write your own polite emails to send.

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Melinda Novak’s email is: (more…)

 This news article is pretty determinedly siding on the side of vivisectors. But it is important to pay attention when issues like this come up. It seems this is a free speech issue, because the UCLA is suing the above ground and completely legal Primate Freedom Project. Saying they are suing the Animal Liberation Front is like suing Santa Claus. And to sue someone for putting information on a website is pretty dangerous. We’ve seen this before with the SHAC 7 case. These folks could probably use some solidarity support right now- whether that be financial to help them lawyer up, or just letting them know you are supporting them.

UCLA suing the UCLA Primate Freedom Project.
UCLA is suing to protect researchers from animal extremists
Legal action follows attempted firebombings and harassment

UCLA is suing extremists to stop a campaign of terrorism, vandalism and menacing threats directed at faculty and administrators who conduct or support research involving laboratory animals. (more…)