Jerrold Meyer, like Melinda Novak, works at UMass Amherst and experiments on Rhesus Monkeys. Please take the time to send him an email asking him to stop these tests. We wrote up a sample email below that you can use, or write your own polite email.

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Jerrold Meyer’s  email is:


I’m back in Virginia for winterbreak, at least briefly. I was sleeping at my parent’s last night, in the upstairs living room. I know they have mice, I’d seen a couple in the basement. And I really like mice. So when I heard one in the kitchen I went to go look at it. And good thing I did, because apparently my parents put a glue trap on the kitchen counter (which wasn’t there earlier when I cooked dinner). I had seen a box of them on the counter and wrote a note on it about how using them was murder. BUt so this poor mouse was stuck in the glue. (more…)

Justin Goodman Nov. 10, 2007 Vivisection

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Uconn- Oct 2005 campaign started 8/20/06 lab closed (more…)

New Speciesist Law exists only in theory. It would accord legal rights to only some nonhumans. One can imagine chimps and apes being accepted as having some rights. The article I found earlier today attempts to just that – to allow that chimps are close enough to humans that they should be considered as legal persons. (more…)

Domesticating animals and keeping them as pets- whether the animal be a dog, cat, horse, ferret or whatever has speciesist implications. This is an issue that many people in the animal rights movement don’t really know what to do with. There are a couple of reasons for this. (more…)

The Animal Liberation group I work with on campus, Stop Putting Chemicals in Bunnies’ Eyes (yea, we are gonna change the name) arranged for Peter Young to come talk tonight on animal liberation and his experiences with fur farms and getting arrested etc. (more…)